Charles Gabriel_Sculptural Glass_hand-carved and kiln-fired art glass_"Chateau-De-Lis"_ 'Googoo Hommes et GooGoo Filles'_ completed carved and kiln-fired en suite entry glass

       2007. With respect to Marc Chagall, “Rooster Lady” was the basis for “La Boulangerie”. “GooGoo Hommes et GooGoo Filles”, the master ensuite entry attempts to capture a similar feel. “Proprietor” used Numpty here (with some imaginary fur) seated at a desk – used for the study door, “Le Trone” began with a photo of […]

Charles Gabriel_Sculptural Glass_hand-carved and kiln-fired architectural art glass_"Anya Domine"_interior railing sections2

  2009. Anya Domine -“Systems Within A System” When I was first approached by Chris Walker (Christopher Developments) about designing the art glass panel railing for Mondrian House, the building was still in frame-up stage, although there were CAD renderings to help visualize its completed form. Clearly though, the house was to be an uncluttered […]

Charles Gabriel_Sculptural Glass_hand-carved and kiln-fired art glass_"Apoapsis"_ carved with blue frit kilnfire wall mount sculpture_detail_ Vista 18 restaurant/Chateau Victoria

     2010. Wall hanging approx 96″ across. Apoapsis: the point at which an orbiting object is farthest away from the body it is orbiting. Designed as feature for wall space @ Vista 18 – (18th floor) restaurant.

Charles Gabriel_Sculptural Glass_hand-carved and kiln-fired art glass_Reeds_Clive's Classic Lounge/Chateau Victoria_carved with blue and green frit bubbles and cast back texture_detail

    2008. Almost 300 sq/ft of hand-drawn, hand-carved 12mm glass. The decorative panels had an underwater theme, referencing the nearby Pacific Ocean. The bubbles had blue and green fritwork and the firing included adding a casting of a hand-trowled “icey” pattern on the back. Two of the sections were bent into curves, and one […]

Charles Gabriel Glassworks_multi-stage surface etching on glass_dolphin mirror

Most of these photos are works from “the last century”… The first pictures are example of surface etching, primarily on mirrored glass. These were hand-drawn images onto a resist-covered glass. Then the mask was cut by hand and removed in stages during a very controlled blast. Using pressure and distance, I worked my way down from […]

  (2014)  Marianne Nicolson commissioned me to build a kinetic piece that she titled “Waterline”. The project would see a box with glass carved glass panels, back lit from the interior. The light would project the imagery onto the walls in a darkened gallery space. Additionally, this projected imagery was to move very slowly outward from the […]

Charles Gabriel_Glassworks_ for artist, Marianne Nicolson_first sections of a 35 foot long panel set that is carved both sides for the Canadian Embassy In Amman Jordan, the laminate interlayers are set between the two panels by the team keeping the glass spotless at all times

In 2013, Marianne Nicolson approached me about building a 35′ X 6′ (total of 9 sections) art glass to be used in an exterior wall for the new Canadian Chancery in Amman, Jordan. We decided on an laminated panel using a coloured interlayer. Her artwork would be carved partially on each side of the panels […]

Charles Gabriel_Glassworks_ for artist, Marianne Nicolson_ coloured, laminated, carved 'fin' glass in hand sculpted laminate wood base

Marianne wanted to use the sample glasses from the Rivers Monument project for something. We made a few more in smaller sizes and I built some bases from Parallam. First step was to route out a deep, angled slot in the block – then shape with a chainsaw, hand tool (hammer..!), and sanders.Then, as the […]

(2008) Marianne Nicolson needed to create a glass artpiece for the North Vancouver Library’s Spirit Square. This was to include carved artglass glass for a faceted rotunda, and an extension of the pattern to carry beyond onto wall-mounted panels. Once she had her patterns, we enlarged them and worked out the divisions to match the vertical panel separations. […]