No Stranger To A Fish Dinner

carved-kilnfired-glass-etched-tempered-residential entry-eagle carving-fish glass carving

Detail from Completed Transom Glass (click pictures to enlarge)


Client Brief: To use a salmon motif and, if possible, include an eagle and an otter.

I designed this work to compliment the existing architecture (exterior stonework portcullis) in a way that would utilize the available natural light to both emphasize the work, and create an interesting private space within the entryway. The intention was to create movement around the solid entry doors and connect them with the surrounding wall features.. By using both the movement lines to tie the imagery together, and the circular geometry in the background, the design helps bring even the outermost elements in towards the doors as a central focal point.

I stylized the imagery around curves with everything twisting and moving in a dynamic ballet atop an organized matrix of radiating circles…

eagle-fish-otter-sketch-carved glass entry-designer glass-kiln worked glass-tempered glass-preliminary sketch

Final pencil design for entry glass

carved glass-eagle and fish-hand made glass for entry windows-layout-process-partially hand cut-masking on glass

Drawings are transferred by hand full size to resist


eagle and fish-hand cut resist-glass for residential entryway-carved glass-kiln fired glass-bespoke design-specialty carved glass in architecture

Initial Transom carving underway..

hand polishing-carved glass sidelight-otter and fish design-kiln fired glass-tempered glass carving-residential specialty glass design package

Post hi-fire and tempering, the sidelight receives a polish

hand carved glass-no stranger to a fish dinner- carved glass otter-carved glass fish-etched glass-kiln fired glass-tempered glass

“Otter” sidelite receives contrasting final blast

carved glass-etched glass- tempered glass-kiln fired glass-installed specialty glass-residential entry glass-archiectural glass-carved glass eagle-carved glass fish-carved glass otter

Better install picture to come… ­čśë

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