Glass for Marianne Nicolson Spirit Square Project

(2008) Marianne Nicolson needed to create a glass artpiece for the North Vancouver Library’s Spirit Square. This was to include carved artglass glass for a faceted rotunda, and an extension of the pattern to carry beyond onto wall-mounted panels. Once she had her patterns, we enlarged them and worked out the divisions to match the vertical panel separations. Then the imagery was handcarved, coloured with an reddish-brown, iron-oxide hue of frit which matured during a kiln-fire. At the same time, a cast pattern was added to the flat side. The panels were then tempered and polished before being sent to site.

DSCN3177 DSCN3194 DSCN3199 DSCN3200 DSCN3213 DSCN3361 library wall

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