Clive’s Classic Lounge

Charles Gabriel_Sculptural Glass_hand-carved and kiln-fired art glass_Reeds_Clive's Classic Lounge/Chateau Victoria_carved with blue and green frit bubbles and cast back texture_detail

 DSCN3235 DSCN3234 ferryfish shaded Clives mirror crop

2008. Almost 300 sq/ft of hand-drawn, hand-carved 12mm glass. The decorative panels had an underwater theme, referencing the nearby Pacific Ocean. The bubbles had blue and green fritwork and the firing included adding a casting of a hand-trowled “icey” pattern on the back. Two of the sections were bent into curves, and one was tempered for a door. Additionally, another series of mirrored wall panels was fabricated with bubbles and reeds. I layered up some glass and edge lit the thick panel to make an entry sign, as well.

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