Charles Gabriel_Sculptural Glass_hand-carved art glass_Koi fish images_1

    2013. These Koi panels were more of a decorative project, but a lot of fun to create. The client lived and breathed everything Koi, and as a master breeder, traveled the world with his passion.  

Charles Gabriel_Sculptural Glass_hand-carved and kiln-fired art glass_"Chateau-De-Lis"_ 'Googoo Hommes et GooGoo Filles'_ completed carved and kiln-fired en suite entry glass

       2007. With respect to Marc Chagall, “Rooster Lady” was the basis for “La Boulangerie”. “GooGoo Hommes et GooGoo Filles”, the master ensuite entry attempts to capture a similar feel. “Proprietor” used Numpty here (with some imaginary fur) seated at a desk – used for the study door, “Le Trone” began with a photo of […]